Being a Knitting Pattern Charting Application

brought to you by good natured ribbing.


Use Chart-A-Rama by entering a pattern into the text area below, or read some directions.

Rows: All Even Odd Round


Enter instructions (see the image here, or the known instructions pdf) on the lines of the text area. Each line of the text area, left to right, describes one row, start to finish, of the resultant knitting pattern.

The instructions with parenthesis (the cables, and the dec) can have any number inside the parenthesis: you can have a cable of the various kinds as wide as you want, not just 3.

If you follow any single normal instruction with a number, that means to repeat that instruction that many times: you could put "k3" instead of "k k k".

If you surround a given set of instructions with square brackets, [like so], and immediately follow it with a number, the instructions inside the brackets will be repeated that many times, with red markers on the row where the repetition starts and ends. You could put "[k p]3" instead of "k p k p k p".

If the Rows radio button "All" is selected, the first row starts at the right, the second row starts at the left, continues boustrophedronically.

If the Rows radio button "Even" is selected, the first line of text is the "2" row of the pattern, starting at the left. All rows start at the left, and are the even numbers ascending. "Odd" is similar, but the first row of the pattern is "1", all start on the right, and rows are the odd numbers ascending.

If the Rows radio button "Round" is selected, the rows all start on the right, and increase by one each row.

Send to the good natured ribbing administrator,, with questions and suggestions. If you're having a hard time getting your pattern to come out right, please also send along the text of the pattern as you're using it.

Error handling is somewhat abrupt at present.

Try for instance:

k yo k8 k2tog yo k8 k2tog k
p p2tog p7 yo p p2tog p7 yo p p
k k2 yo k6 k2tog k2 yo k6 k2tog k
p p2tog p5 yo p3 p2tog p5 yo p3 p
k k4 yo k4 k2tog k4 yo k4 k2tog k
p p2tog p3 yo p5  p2tog p3 yo p5 p
k k6 yo k2 k2tog k6 yo k2 k2tog k
p p2tog p yo p7 p2tog p yo p7 p
k [k8 yo k2tog]2 k
p [yo p8 p2tog]2 p
k skp k7 yo k skp k7 yo k k
p p2 yo p6 p2tog p2 yo p6 p2tog p
k skp k5 yo k3 skp k5 yo k3 k
p p4 yo p4 p2tog p4 yo p4 p2tog p
k skp k3 yo k5 skp k3 yo k5 k
p p6 yo p2 p2tog p6 yo p2 p2tog p
k skp k yo k7 skp k yo k7 k
p p8 yo p2tog p8 yo p2tog p